How AI summarised 31 days of journal entries from March 2022

My mental health took a tumble last year. I used Notion to journal my thoughts and feelings. AI has finally come in handy.

2 min readApr 14, 2023

I’m currently writing a longer, reflective post on my year-long mental health journey.

I’ve started reading over my journal entries to refresh my memory on the details. Out of curiosity, I clicked the “Ask AI” feature in Notion, to see what it could do.

A gift from the team

Highlighting 3,869 words

I highlighted all 3,869 words from my March 2022 page in Notion, covering 31 days. Then I clicked the “Summarise” and “Explain this” options.

Here’s what the AI came back with. ✨


This document is a personal journal of the author’s experiences with burnout and anxiety, including symptoms, triggers, and coping mechanisms. The author describes their journey to identify and address the root causes of their mental health struggles, including changes to their work habits and seeking professional help. The journal covers a period of several weeks in March 2022.

Explain this

The selected text is a journal entry spanning several days. The author discusses their experiences and feelings, including a “brain crash” that occurred during a work meeting, feelings of disconnection and anxiety, and a general lack of motivation. They also mention seeking medical advice and considering making changes to their work situation. Overall, the selected text provides insight into the author’s mental and emotional state during this time period.

That’s pretty good.

There is some detail, but no colour. That’s okay. The summaries remind me of my journey, month-by-month. The trend is clear.

Clicking “Find action items” returned an impressive list of 10 actions. I won’t share those.

Or maybe I will in my longer, reflective post.

I’m pretty sure AI can’t write that for me. Or could it?